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All drivers available for download have been scanned by antivirus program The My Book™ Duo drive comes with 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption with WD Security™ software built in to help keep private content secure.. I bought my book live many years ago and haven't been using it recently Today I wanted to access some old files I had stored in it and came to realize that mybooklive didn't show anymore.. After that the NAS will appear in Windows' network browser or in Mac OX 10's Finder.

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At the street price of just around $150 for 1TB or $200 for the 2TB version, home and novice users just can't go wrong with it.. The server also supports Time Machine, which is a feature not present in the My Book World Edition.. This only means that NAS servers have come a long way since, as the new My Book Live, though not the fastest, is still very fast in our test.

my book live installation software

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The World Edition made a huge splash in the pond of NAS servers' throughput performance, proving itself to be by far the fastest single-volume NAS of the time.. Set a personalized password to activate hardware encryption and data protection.. After that you also have the option to install WD SmartWare software for ongoing server management. Adobe Photoshop Elements 32 Bit

livescribe installation software

It also comes with mobile applications to share photos on the go The Bad The WD My Book Live's hard drive can't be serviced by users, and there's no USB port to add more storage.. If I plug it directly to my The Good The Western Digital My Book Live NAS server is easy to use, fast, and affordable.

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Wd My Book Installation SoftwareMy Book Live DashboardThe Web interface allows access to many more server settings, such as user accounts, remote access, media streaming, and so on.. Advanced users can skip this software and use the NAS server's Web interface, also called Dashboard, to further customize the server.. Wd My Book Installation SoftwareMy Book Live DashboardHome » WD My Book Device Use the links on this page to download the latest version of WD My Book Device drivers.. For those who are really unfamiliar with networking, the My Book Live comes with a CD that helps discover the NAS server in the network, set it up, and map the network drives.. The device lacks common features found in many NAS servers, and its MioNet remote access solution is nearly useless.. The new server, while lacking many features found in other NAS servers, also remains one of the simplest and easiest-to-use NAS servers for the home environment.. The WD My Book Live NAS server isn't able to do what its predecessor, the, did a year ago.. The Bottom Line The Western Digital MyBook Live is a fast, plug-and-play, simple-to-use home NAS server that unfortunately lacks features and has a subpar remote-access solution.. Setup and ease of use Similar to the My Book World Edition, the My Book Live is as easy to set up as plugging it into the power socket and the router. 518b7cbc7d